Estate Planning

Through the use of various instruments, including Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, our firm assists individuals avoid probate, protect and preserve assets, and distribute property as they see fit.

Creditor Collection

Our firm Assists creditors, HOAs and Credit bureaus collect on past due accounts and judgments.

Corp/Business Law. Landlord/Tenant

Our lawyers advise companies on compliance matters, business regulations, draft business agreements, lease agreements, and contracts.

Work with landlord on landlord/tenant disputes.

Commercial/Real Estate Trans

Advise clients on purchases and sales of commercial real estate. Assist clients on performing legally required due diligence

Administrative Law

Assist clients on appearances before state and federal Administrative Agencies, including the EEOC, for hearings and appeals.

Employment Law

Our firm Advises employers on unemployment matters. Assist employer on conducting internal investigations and compliance audits. Insure employer’s compliance with federal and state regulations.